Dudley Connect came about through listening to residents and through lots of conversations with organisations. We are so lucky that there are lots of places to be proud of and visit in Dudley Central, there are plenty of things to do and get involved in,  and there is lots of support available for those who need it sometimes. The trouble is that sometimes that information can not be found in one place and is not easy to share. which is why we have created Dudley Connect for anyone who lives, works or visits Dudley Central.

Winter Canal

This is a platform where you can easily find information about what’s happening in the area. We will regularly keep you updated as new things happen through our blog on the home page.

Look at our What’s on page to find activities for children and young people, things for new parents and carers with small children can get involved in, social activities and opportunities to try new things and learn new skills.  

It may be that you have some time on your hands and would like to support your community by volunteering locally, this could be a one off event like a community litter pick, it could be a virtual activity like supporting with social media or befriending calls or it could be regular volunteering with a local food bank.  It may be that you have a brilliant idea for starting something new in your community and want some help to get it started. The possibilities are endless! We know that volunteering is great for a CV, that organisations that support vulnerable people couldn’t do what they do with out volunteers and that it makes people happy and feel great. Visit our volunteer page to find out more.

At times life can be tough for us all, on our need a lifeline page you can find information about local trusted organisations that can help. Friendly, non judgemental people who genuinely care about you and your family. There is all sorts of information and support including help to find food if you are struggling financially, housing and benefits advice,  mental health and domestic abuse support, addiction support and much much more. 

Finally this blog is all about you and is for you so if there is anything missing, anything you would like to share, any ideas that would be helpful then please do get in touch and tell us! All we ask is that its about the positive things happening within Dudley Central that will be helpful for others to know. We all like a good moan about things from time to time, and we do genuinely understand that life is difficult and the world is not a perfect place at the minute, even our small bit of it! So lets look for and celebrate the positives, hopeful make life a little easier for each other, and share miles of smiles 🙂 

Photo Credit: local resident Patrick Garrington


Hear what people involved thing about Cluster Connect

Based on the success of Dudley Central Cluster Connect we are rolling the pilot out borough wide have a look at the presentation below to see what we have been up to

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