I want to start something new

People who come from an area often have brilliant ideas about what could make that area better. It might be they see a gap in services or activities and think “you know what we need…” many toddler groups, men sheds, batch cooking circles, book groups, swap and sharing groups, youth activities, growing activities, pop up cinemas, crafternoons, maker spaces, repair cafes and much more have been started by a few passionate people with a spark of an idea!

What we are saying if you have a spark of an idea, then get in touch using the form below, and we will arrange a time to chat it through with you over a coffee (even a virtual one!) where we will try to help you make your idea a reality.

We are really lucky in Dudley Central to have Aaron Lawrence who is the community development worker for this area. His job is to find people who have great ideas about how to make their community better but maybe don’t know how to get started! This is where Aaron and the team of Community Development Workers can help.
They are able to listen, build trust, share ideas and connect you to support; for example resources, venues, groups and much more. This helps to create stronger, happier, more confident communities who work together and trust each other.
Phone: 01384 810570
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If you are someone with skills to share like Patrick Garrington who is a local photography whose photos are used throughout this site, then get in touch and we can connect you to people who share your passion or maybe we can start something exciting and new!

Please complete the contact form below and we will get in touch to chat about your idea:

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